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About the Treatment #01

About the Treatment

During our first meeting the acupuncturist will ask you some questions about your symptoms, medical history, lifestyle, diet, digestion, sleep, energy levels and emotional wellbeing. She will also feel your pulse and look at your tongue. These provide important information about energy levels.
It is best to wear loose comfortable clothing that allows easy access to lower legs and arms.

Treatments are for all ages (ages under 16 must be accompanied by an adult). If you are in doubt about whether Acupuncture is advisable for your condition, please feel free to ring for a confidential discussion.
Based on the diagnosis, the appropriate acupuncture points will be selected. When the needles are inserted and contact the body’s Qi, you may experience a dull sensation or heaviness in the area of insertion or along the channel being treated. The acupuncture needles may be manipulated or left still, depending on the treatment required.
A herb called moxa is often used to strengthen the Qi or warm the body where there is pain or signs of cold or damp present.
Methods using cups and Gu-asha are also used; they are beneficial for colds, coughs, pain as they enable blood to move and be nourished by fresh oxygen.

Guidelines for patients

Acupuncture can be used alongside conventional medicine in the treatment of both acute and chronic disease.
If applicable, have details of any current medical diagnosis and of any medication you may be taking.
The initial appointment lasts for approximately 75 minutes in order for a full case history to be taken.
It is best not to drink alcohol on the day of treatment.

About the Treatment #02

"Following a kidney infection, which responded poorly to two lots of antibiotics, it was suggested that I should try acupuncture.
During my first session Aleksandra asked a lot of thorough questions and made notes about my medical history, my diet, sleep pattern and lifestyle. After taking pulses, blood pressure readings and looking at my tongue she very accurately made her Diagnosis.
She then explained how she would like to treat me and I left with a follow up appointment booked, feeling as if she had understood me in a very whole way.
After initial appointments I would go home to enjoy some of the best sleeps I have ever had (my kidney infection being completely healed) and by the third treatment I felt more energised and vital; empowered to improve my diet and change habits which through our discussions I could see were having a negative effect on my health.
After completing treatments, I have my joy back. I am extremely grateful to Aleksandra for her professional treatment and guidance which has enabled me to appreciate and regain my health. I look forward to maintaining this with her support." SJ, Eastbourne

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