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About Five Element Acupuncture and TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine)

Both Five Element Acupuncture and TCM consider health as something that is experienced at every level of our being – body, mind and spirit. When we are well, we feel positive, vibrant, vital, energetic.

Five Element Acupuncture focuses on the person who has the illness, rather than the illness itself.
Our first few years of life combined with our genetic inheritance leave us all with subtle imbalances which affect our health and wellbeing. The key concept is to diagnose the constitutional type of the person (their Element) and to work with this in order to bring the individual back to their original nature. In this way balance, harmony and happiness are restored.

The method of acupuncture used in Traditional Chinese Medicine concentrates on the symptoms of a patient's illness. It works to clear stagnation or blocks in the body's energy pathways.
A wide range of physical and psychological conditions as well as musculo-skeletal problems are treated using this method.

By integrating the two styles the practitioner is able to draw on a wider range of treatment possibilities and work with the patient on a profound level.

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What conditions can Acupuncture help?

Many thousands of people in the UK and around the world have found treatments beneficial for a wide range of symptoms, for example:
nausea, vomiting, a relief for tension-type headaches, dental pain, osteoarthritis of the knee.
Some people use acupuncture because they feel generally unwell but have no obvious diagnosis.
Some people turn to acupuncture to maintain good health or simply as a preventative measure.

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"I've had many treatments with Aleks who always leaves me feeling healthier, happier and able to move forward. Her wisdom and genuine love of healing shines through, and I feel completely safe in her hands. Her gentle treatments have helped with my immunity, and now coughs and colds are significantly less frequent. I have also felt more balanced, more me: physically and emotionally. I understand myself and others better and feel more in control of my life and my health. Thank you Aleks!" V, Brighton

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